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Updated: May 15, 2022




Is York Hospital affiliated with mass General?

Mass General's clinical affiliates include Martha's Vineyard Hospital, Cooley Dickinson Hospital, Nantucket Cottage Hospital, Central Maine Medical Center, York Hospital, and Southern New Hampshire Health.

How do I contact York Hospital?

Enquiring about a patient
  1. York Hospital. Telephone: 01904 631313.
  2. Scarborough Hospital. Telephone: 01723 368111.
  3. Bridlington Hospital. Telephone: 01262 606666.
  4. Malton Hospital. ...
  5. The New Selby War Memorial Hospital. ...
  6. St Helen's Rehabilitation Hospital. ...
  7. St Monica's Hospital, Easingwold. ...
  8. White Cross Rehabilitation Hospital.

How many beds are in WellSpan York Hospital?

2. Medbridgego.com

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Published: March 09, 2022

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