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Updated: June 14, 2022



Do you have to pay for StuDocu?

StuDocu allows students to share lecture and examination notes, with users able to read some material for free and required to pay a fee or upload their own documents in return for access to “premium” content.

Is StuDocu a good website?

An often heard misconception is that sharing notes via StuDocu is illegal. However, it's actually the exact opposite: helping your fellow students study as efficiently as possible, by uploading and sharing high quality content that is free of copyright is completely legit and certainly not illegal!

How much is a StuDocu subscription?

With StuDocu, a free membership provides access to a wide set of uploaded materials with a premium membership needed for full access to materials and the ability to download or print. The annual costs are between $41.88 and $53.88, depending on the plan you choose.

How can I contact StuDocu?

You can submit a request to exercise the above rights by contacting us at

Student portal thesis documentation - South Beach Group Hotels

The Internship Portal Management System helps the student of the university to find their internship easily. Master's Thesis Documentation. 48.

Published: February 20, 2022

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