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The most updated results for the Puncher Portal page are listed below, along with availability status, top pages, social media links, and FAQs. Check the official login link, follow troubleshooting steps, or share your problem detail in the comments section.

Updated: April 30, 2022

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Troubleshooting Steps

  • Many people open the login page using invalid links or fake websites. To resolve the sign in issue, you must open the official page of Puncher Portal using the official link.

  • Once the official login page is opened, find the email address and password that you chose when you signed up at Puncher Portal or that was issued to you by the concerned organization's authorized person. And you shall use only those credentials to sign in to the portal.

  • If you have entered valid credentials, you must see a success message that shall look like "Welcome (Your name here)", "Logged In Successfully", "Signed In" or it shall serve you a dashboard that is personalized for your account or display the primary data you work on.

  • If you are still unable to use Puncher Portal . Visit our detailed Troubleshooting Guide where we have listed the most common reasons of login failure with their solutions. If you are unable to resolve the problem, we suggest you report the issue in detail so that our moderator or a community member shall respond to you.



How do I log in to Clever?

Go to your district's Clever Portal login, which should follow the format: https://clever.com/in/<district name> (e.g., clever.com/in/cleverusd). If you don't know your district's Clever login page, you can go to clever.com/login and search for your school. Log in to Clever with your username and password.

What is Clever used for?

Clever automates the secure transfer of student rosters to authorized parties. This enables continuously updated roster information in learning programs. Clever also offers single sign-on access for students and teachers via the Clever Portal.

How can I do Clever at home?

Help your child log in at home
Once you've logged into your Clever Parents account, select the child you want to assist from the portal home page and then click the instant login button. This will automatically log your child into their Clever Portal on your device.

How do you find your Clever grade?

Users, Grades, and Schools
To look at the Portal Analytics for specific grade levels, select the grade(s) from the dropdown. Grades are based on student grades, not the grade level for sections or teachers.

How can I access my parents Clever?

If your child's school or teacher has invited you to Clever Parents, you as a parent will go through the following steps:
  1. Accept your invitation. Invitations are sent by your child's school or teacher! ...
  2. Confirm your invite. Once you click on the link you will be taken to a Clever Parents web page. ...
  3. Create an account.

What is a Clever account?

Clever is a website that provides one-login access to our school district's learning applications. Whether it's from home or from school, a student can access the programs by entering only their school email and password. All of the learning applications' username and passwords are conveniently saved in Clever.
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