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Updated: April 14, 2022



What is Proctor Free Student Portal?

ProctorFree is an online proctoring solution that allows students to take exams anywhere, anytime. It is accessible 24/7, does not require and appointment and takes only minutes to set up. ProctorFree integrates with Canvas to provide an exceptional proctoring experience for both students and instructors.

How does Proctor free work?

ProctorFree allows students flexibility to access web pages or applications, provided that is allowed for that particular exam. Throughout the exam ProctorFree also monitors for a variety of events, behaviors, and patterns typically associated with cheating. We call those anomalies.

How do I use my proctor for free on canvas?

1. Click “ProctorFree Audits” under Course Navigation. 2. Click “Authorize” to allow Canvas to communicate with ProctorFree.

Does ProctorFree work on a Chromebook?

ProctorFree - Technical Requirements. *Chromebooks, iPads, tablets, and mobile devices are not supported.

How can I use proctor for free?

How ProctorFree Works
  1. Sign in with your credentials & Gov't issued ID — anytime, anywhere.
  2. Take your test from your browser – using your camera, microphone, and internet connection.
  3. Submit your exam. That's it!

Does ProctorFree monitor your screen?

ProctorFree during the exam
We allow students to test in their comfort zone. We know taking an exam can be stressful. We want the student to feel comfortable while taking their exam. That's why we provide unobstructed, non-disruptive monitoring.

Is Proctor Free free?

Schedule a free demo of ProctorFree's online proctoring software to learn how we can help your institution.

How do you cheat in proctoring?

7 creative ways students cheat in online proctored exams & how to stop them
  1. Impersonation. ...
  2. The 'Old school' ...
  3. Using advanced tech gadgets and software. ...
  4. “Brain Dumps” and sharing of test content. ...
  5. The 'Water or Bathroom' break. ...
  6. Help from family, experts, and friends. ...
  7. Googling the answer.

ProctorFree Instructor Guide Canvas

ProctorFree is an online proctoring solution that allows students to take exams ... o ProctorFree Student Portal: Allows students to access ProctorFree.

Published: March 07, 2022

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