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Updated: April 25, 2022



How do I get a NipeX certificate?

NipeX Registration Process
  1. Log on to the NipeX website:
  2. Click on 'Services' tab and select 'NJQS Registration'
  3. Click 'No' if not registered.
  4. Complete the form and then click 'Submit'
  5. Ensure you have all the mandatory documents to enable you proceed, tick all boxes then click 'Yes'

How do I check my NipeX status?

Answers: For information about the current status of your pre-qualification, do login with your username and password and you will see the display of your status. However, where you are unable to login, please contact NipeX.

How do I renew my NipeX subscription?

The renewal process involves the following:
  1. Download the renewal form from our portal, under. downloads.
  2. Make the renewal payment of N20,000 (payment details on the form).
  3. Scan/forward the payment details, the renewal form and the following documents to DPR CERTIFICATE.

How much is NipeX registration?

NiPex Registration Steps & Requirements
Register at NiPex website Make payment of N25,000.

Nigerian Petroleum Exchange (Nipex) | NrgEdge

NipeX is an electronic contracting platform. ... Website:


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