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Updated: April 28, 2022



What is MyHealthONE app?

MyHealthONE simplifies the patient and caregiver experience. The easy-to-navigate healthcare mobile app lets you manage your health information and track your health journey in one convenient place. It's healthcare on your terms, when you need it.

Who owns MyHealthONE?

Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) is one of those organizations. HCA is the nation's largest provider of healthcare services with more than 165 hospitals and 115 surgery centers in 20 states and England.

Does CareNow have an app?

The MyHealthONE app puts your health information at your fingertips. Since we're a part of the larger HCA Healthcare family, this secure portal allows you to view your clinical information from your CareNow visits as well as data from your affiliated HCA Healthcare hospital.

How do I add my child to MyHealthONE app?

All caregivers must be at least 18 years old, have an active email address, and present state-issued photo identification to the patient's most recent hospital. When the hospital has processed the form, please call the MyHealthONE support team at 1-855-422-6625 to complete the caregiver enrollment process.

MyHealthONE Patient Portal | HealthONE

MyHealthOne Patient Portal. HealthONE 4900 S. Monaco St. Denver, CO 80237. Telephone: (303) 575-0055. About Us.

Published: March 01, 2022

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