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Updated: April 18, 2022




How do I access Penn State Portal?

How do I access My Health? Go to pennstatehealth.org/myhealth. Please bookmark this page before clicking the login link to visit My Penn State Hershey Health in the future. There is a menu item on the pennstatehealth.org and pennstatehealth.org/childrens website homepages dedicated to Patient Portal.

Does Cerner have a patient portal?

The Cerner patient portal offering, HealtheLifeSM, is a web-based solution that enables interaction and engagement between health care organizations and people in their population. It combines the traditional features of a patient portal with engagement tools to help people proactively manage their health.

Is Penn Medicine the same as Penn State Health?

Penn State Health shares an integrated strategic plan and operations with Penn State College of Medicine, the University's medical school.
2. Cernerhealth.com

My Penn State Health - Cerner Health

Published: February 19, 2022

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