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Updated: May 08, 2022



Is crunchbase free for students?

Crunchbase's academic research access program provides researchers with the ability to receive either fully free or discounted access to the Crunchbase dataset on a case-by-case basis. ... Learn how to apply for academic research access here.

Is crunchbase API free?

The Open Data Map, or ODM, provides free access to our Basic API which gives users everything they need to start the matching process for organization profiles.

How do you retrieve data from crunchbase?

1. Select what you want from Crunchbase
  1. Build a Crunchbase Pro search, or use one of My Lists or My Searches to gather the information you want to export. You can export up to 1,000 results.
  2. Add or edit columns to get the data fields that interest you.
  3. Click Export To CSV when you're ready.

How long is crunchbase free trial?

7 days

Funding: Student Groups: Student Portal - Collins Living ...

Groups that fund projects/plans at Collins. Arts Council. Arts Council considers funding requests for any event or community project that focuses on the arts— ...


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