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Updated: April 25, 2022



How do I log into my CityMD portal?

  1. Download the My Summit Health app for iOS or Android.
  2. Open the app and tap the "Sign up/Log In" button.
  3. Click "Don't have an account? Sign up now". Note – My Summit Health is separate from your patient portal. ...
  4. Follow the prompts to create your account.

How do I get my lab results from CityMD?

If you are unsure of your provider's office number, you can contact the call center at 908-273-4300 and they will direct you. If you had a visit at a CityMD, please call 844-824-8963 for questions about your results.

What is the CityMD app?

Access Virtual Care 24/7 With My Summit Health
Download the My Summit Health App for immediate access to a licensed medical provider 24/7 on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop/computer. Experience the high-quality care that CityMD provides through a one-on-one connection with our highly trained providers.

Who runs CityMD?

Richard Park

What company owns CityMD?

Private equity firm Warburg Pincus buys majority of urgent-care chain CityMD. Private equity giant Warburg Pincus has acquired a majority stake in CityMD, a growing urgent-care center chain with 68 centers in New York, New Jersey and Washington.

Does CityMD do rapid Covid testing?

Rapid Test
This test will detect if you are actively infected with the COVID-19 virus. Administered via a nasal swab.

How many CityMD locations are there?

Park went on to found CityMD, an urgent-care company that now has more than 100 locations in New York, New Jersey, and Washington state.

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Published: February 24, 2022

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